School choirs sing for the devil

​South Australian school choirs have raised more than $2000 for Tasmanian devil conservation and research.

Through the South Australian Public Primary Schools’ Music Festival, they donated the proceeds of devil toys sales to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program and Wildcare Saffire Devil Fund.

The toys promoted the choirs’ latest work, Devil Run Wild, a collaboration involving several thousand students across hundreds of schools.

The song was written by Australian composer Paul Jarman who worked with Tasmanian academics and the media to highlight and increase awareness of the impact of Devil Facial Tumour Disease.

The South Australian Primary Schools’ Music Festival runs a choral program that reaches over 300 public schools throughout the state, involving 13,000 students and a total audience of around 30,000.  

The program has been a prominent part of South Australian life and stands as an official State Icon as an integral part of the South Australian music and educational landscape.

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