Meet Old Boots!

Last week the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program were excited to see the familiar face of Boots while conducting the first Annual Monitoring trip for 2018.

Seven-year-old Boots's fat tail is an indicator of excellent condition.

Check out the "turnip" tail on Boots! Did you know most marsupials store fat in their tails and a fat tail is usually a sign that the animal is in excellent condition?
Old males have the fattest tails so 7 year old Boots must be in super excellent condition!

Boots is a wild born (2011) Tasmanian devil from the Forestier Peninsula. After being removed from the region as part of the STDP’s Peninsula depopulation in 2012, he spent a few in years in our captive management facilities before being released into the Narawntapu National Park (NNP) in 2015 with 20 other immunised devils.

While devils may live to 7-8 years of age in captivity, very few wild devils live longer than six years.

Our field team report Boots has no observable health issues and at seven years of age he was released to continue his incredible journey.

Seven year old Tassie devil, Boots wasreleased back into the wild

Seven year old Boots was given a clean bill of health by Program staff and was released back into the wild to continue his incredible journey.

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