Intriguing devil behaviour caught on camera

​​​ A video showing behaviour that has never been seen before has the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program (STDP) intrigued.

A camera was placed near a devil trap as part of a trapping mission on the state’s remote south west coast.

The vision captures two devils arriving together. One goes into the trap and gets caught and the other remarkably remains on the scene - sniffing, sitting and eventually laying down waiting for hours outside the trap.

STDP Program Manager David Pemberton says team members were amazed when they viewed the vision.

“This animal is showing behaviours we haven’t observed in the wild before,” Dr Pemberton says.

“The devil is hanging around outside the trap, clearly waiting for the animal inside to be released. What’s heartening is the fact that the animal waits for so long. We don’t know if this is its mate inside the trap but it does give us rare insight into the social behaviour of these animals.

“And it raises questions about some of the dogma associated with the devil, such as it being a ‘solitary creature’”

Take a look for yourself ….


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