Book sales supporting devil program

​​​​A book written for children is supporting the important conservation work of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.

Trumble and Ludwig’s Forest Adventure tells the story of two young devils who set out to find a magical seed to help cure their granny of the cursed ‘lumpy face” (Devil Facial Tumour Disease).

Author and illustrator Jacqui A'Court at the official launch of Trumble and Ludwig's Forest Adventure​​

Part sales of the book already have contributed more than $500 to the program’s purchase of virtual fence devices, a key element in the roadkill mitigation strategy.

Virtual fences are an active electronic protection system activated by approaching headlights which emit sound and light stimuli alerting animals to oncoming traffic and have proven to be highly successful with a substantial reduction in the number of road-killed animals in areas where they are deployed. 

Trumble and Ludwig’s Forest Adventure was written and illustrated by Western Australian writer Jacqui A’Court who contacted the program last year about supporting a project that would combine her passion for the natural environment and painting. 

The book is aimed at seven to ten year olds and is available (gift wrapped and signed by the author) from​

Errol the devil reading Trumble and Ludwig​ - a great Christmas gift idea

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