News from the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program

Devil at Kempton Annual monitoring completed for another year

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program’s annual monitoring project has concluded for another year, with surveys conducted across eight sites across Tasmania.

Dolcettos young squareBoosting the devil gene pool at Woolnorth

Researchers have enhanced the genetic diversity of the Tasmanian devil population in the Woolnorth area, the State’s last high-density bastion of devils free of the Devil Facial Tumour Disease.

Saving the Tasmanian devil: Recovery through Science-based Management

This new book offers an update on the campaign to save the Tasmanian devil, which has experienced a dramatic reduction in its population.

Ferry, Ute and Trap - the fine art of translocating devils to and from Maria Island

The rich human history and natural beauty of Maria Island is well documented but an equally impressive conservation feat has recently been quietly and successfully completed with little fanfare.

Tasmanian Devil emerges from its transport crate into its new home at Columbus ZooColumbus Zoo welcomes three new devils

The latest ambassador Tasmanian devils have arrived safe and sound to the Columbus Zoo

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