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The Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal is the official fundraising arm of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program and is coordinated by the University of Tasmania. 

As the central fundraiser for the iconic animal, the Appeal uses the funds it raises to support the most urgent research and conservation needs for the Tasmanian devil in an effort to find a long-term solution to Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) and the aim to keep devils sustainable in the wild.

Each year, funds raised by the Appeal are disbursed via an annual competitive grant and scholarship process. Successful applicants include research and field trials into a possible vaccine which is being led by the Menzies Institute for Medical Research at the University of Tasmania.

The Devil Appeal welcome all donors wishing to support this ongoing and urgent conservation work.
See Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal for more information.  

Direct donat​​ions to Save the Tasmanian Devil Program

There are also other ways available for people to donate depending upon the types of work they would like to support.

If you are interested in supporting the important conservation work being undertaken by the STDP, you can donate directly to the program. Currently any donation received is being used specifically on one of the program’s priorities, the purchase of virtual fence devices. 

Virtual fence devices are an active electronic protection system that warns animals that a vehicle is on a road. The devices are activated by approaching headlights, which causes them to emit sound and light stimuli and alert animals to oncoming traffic. 

With roadkill being the second biggest threat to the survival of the Tasmanian devil after DFTD, these devices play a vital role in our roadkill mitigation strategies and have proven to be highly successful with a substantial reduction in the number of road-killed animals in areas where they have been deployed. 

Tasmanian devil imp on mums back

If you are interested in finding out more please contact the program on 0497 DEVILS (0497 338 457). Donations made directly to the STDP are not tax deductible.

Wildcare S​​affire Devil Fund

The Wildcare Saffire Devil Fund supports the conservation of the Tasmanian devil and the work of STDP by funding projects that:
  • Protect and manage wild devil populations
  • Care for and manage devils in captivity (insurance populations)
  • Support captive breeding and
  • Prevent and treat the Devil Facial Tumour Disease


Save the Tasmanian Devil Program
Hotline Phone (8am - 4pm): 0497 DEVILS
Mobile: 0497 338 457

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