Program Priorities

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program is currently focussed on the following priority areas:

Roadki​​ll Mitigation

​Monitor devil roadkill and hotspots around the State. Aim to mitigate against roadkill or avoid these areas when releasing devils back into the wild. 

​Captive Management

​​Breed devils (captive ​wild / wild x wild) to provide offspring with new combinations of genetic diversity for release to the wild.

Maria Island ​

Removal of excess devils to maintain a sustainable population of devils on Maria Island, and provide devils to supplement populations in the wild. 

Forestier Peninsula

​Removal of excess devils to maintain a sustainable population of devils on the Forestier Peninsula, and provide devils to be returned to the wild. 

​Founder Project 

​Determine where new genetic diversity is and bring in new founders to improve the genetic diversity for Maria Island, Forestier Peninsula and other wild populations as required. 


​Inform, educate, involve, collaborate through our local, national and international stakeholders. This includes research institutions, funding bodies and zoos. 

Annual Monitoring 

​Determine when and where wild populations are persisting, recovering or going locally extinct. This will guide the response taken by Save the Tasmanian Devil Program (STDP) in aiding these populations. 

​​​Wild Devil Recovery 

The Wild Devil Recovery project was a trial to look at release techniques that provided the best outcome for survival of released Tasmanian devils. Managing the wild population and supporting an “enduring population” in the wild is one of three key goals of the strategic plan.​

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