About the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program


In this Topic

  • Program Priorities
    Information about the current priorities of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.
  • Ambassador Program
    The Tasmanian Devil Ambassador Program was designed with the aim of placing suitable Tasmanian devils into world-class zoos as ‘ambassadors’.
  • Annual Monitoring
    The aim of the Annual Monitoring Project is to understand the status and trends of wild Tasmanian devil populations to look for any change over time to enable informed decisions on conservation strategies.
  • Captive Management
    Captive Management of an endangered species involves bringing together genetically diverse individuals into a secure managed area and breeding them, thereby creating a managed population.
  • Forestier Tasman Peninsula Project
    The devil population on the Forestier-Tasman Peninsula is managed as part of the Tasmanian devil insurance population.
  • Founder Project
    In order for the insurance population to mitigate against complete extinction of the species, it was vital that the devils being used to ‘build’ the insurance population represented the genetic diversity of the species. This diversity needs to be captured from the wild and that is the Founder Project.
  • Maria Island Translocation Project
    A disease-free population of Tasmanian devils was established on Maria Island by the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program in 2012 to provide insurance against the threat of extinction of the species due to Devil Facial Tumour Disease and to provide devils for translocation to the wild.
  • Research and Collaborators
    Research is an integral component of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program. It is used to inform management actions aimed at devil conservation.
  • Roadkill Project
    The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program Roadkill Project was launched in 2009 with the aim of collecting information about devil roadkill around the State.
  • Wild Devil Recovery Project
    The Wild Devil Recovery project was a trial to look at release techniques that provided the best outcome for survival of released Tasmanian devils. Managing the wild population and supporting an “enduring population” in the wild is one of three key goals of the strategic plan.


Save the Tasmanian Devil Program
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