Strahan Whale Stranding - September 2020


​Four whales were found stranded inside Macquarie Harbour on Saturday 10 October. Three of the whales have been successfully released back into open water.

Ocean Beach and Macquarie Heads near Strahan are now open to the public. ​Please proceed with caution as deceased whales are present on this beach and whale carcasses may continue to wash up on beaches throughout this area for some time.

The public and dogs must not approach or come into contact with the whale carcasses. Contact can be hazardous and spread harmful bacteria.

It is an offence under the Whales Protection Act 1988 to interfere, obtain or possess any part or product of a whale.

​Boat users should check Marine and Safety Tasmania's notices to mariners​ as whale carcasses in and possibly adjoining Macquarie Harbour may be drifting with the currents and wind and may create a navigation hazard. 

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  Media Release 11 October 7pm   (124Kb)

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  Media release 22 September 1 pm   (90Kb)​

  Media release 22 September 10 am  (67Kb)

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