Wildlife Surveys in Tasmania

Wildlife monitoring is an integral part of a wildlife management and conservation that informs managers of the success or otherwise of their programs. 

Sixteen species (80%) of the 20 species of wildlife subjected to either harvesting or culling in Tasmania are monitored and the results used to ensure that they are being managed sustainably.

Annual Statewide​ Spotlight Survey

This survey monitors the major harvested species
  • brushtail possum​
  • Tasmanian pademelon
  • Bennett's wallaby

In more recent times they have also proved useful in monitoring a number of other species of conservation significance
  • common wombat
  • Tasmanian devil
  • bettong

  Spotlight Summary Report   (1Mb)​

Our responsibilities​

In Tasmania, the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) is responsible for the conservation, management and protection of Tasmania's wildlife under the provisions of the Nature Conservation Act 2002, the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995 and the Whales Protection Act 1988. Over forty species of wildlife are monitored by DPIPWE. including 
  • rare and threatened species 
  • harvested species 



Wildlife Management
Level 5, 134 Macquarie Street, Hobart
GPO Box 44
Phone: 03 6165 4305
Fax: 03 6173 0253
Email: wildlife.reception@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

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