South American Coati (Nasua nasua)

‚Äč‚ÄčAssessment Summary

The South American coati (Nasua nasua) is a member of the raccoon family Procyonidae. Its natural range extends from southern Colombia and Venezuela to northern Argentina and Uruguay. N. nasua has been introduced to Mallorca, Robinson Crusoe Island and Cambria UK.  The impact on Robinson Crusoe Island notably has been on native seabird colonies where the coati has decimated numbers. 

The TAP also noted that there are currently no minimum standards applied to keeping the species in Australia and therefore an applicant wishing to import the species will be required to provide detailed guidelines on the way in which the species will be kept, transported and disposed of in accordance with the types of activity that the species may be used.

The Technical Assessment Panel (TAP) assessed N. nasua as being moderately dangerous to humans, having a moderate (verging on high) risk of establishment and high consequence (risk that an established population would cause harm) if they established in Tasmania. Consequently, the TAP assessment concluded that the risk posed by importing N. nasua into Tasmania is serious. However, given the species marginal risk of establishment, and its potential to significantly impact on both agriculture and Tasmanian biodiversity the species is only to be permitted entry to Tasmanian Wildlife Exhibitors that are approved for keeping serious risk species only under the following conditions:

  • Only permanently castrated male animals will be approved for import.
  • Prior to import veterinary certification is to be provided confirming that the animals are castrated and microchipped.
  • Confirmation of castration may be required to be undertaken by a Department veterinarian.
  • Importers are required to cover the costs associated with any department veterinarian inspection;
  • Importers must have adequate facilities and provide qualified and experienced keepers to facilitate examination by department veterinarians.

Assessment Documentation

  Coati - Risk Assessment   (265Kb)


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