Rose-crowned conure

The rose-crowned conure is a small, mainly green long-tailed conure with a rose-red cap. It has white primary coverts, blue primaries and a red tail. This species is endemic to the Andes of extreme north-west Venezuela​ and it has not been reported to have established any populations outside it’s natural range. 

The natural distribution of rose-crowned does not include any areas similar in climate to Tasmania and the potential for this species to establish in Tasmania is extremely low. The natural range of this species does therefore not have a similar climate to the range of any Tasmanian species that it would otherwise potentially compete with (orange-bellied parrot, blue-winged parrot and green rosella) for food and nest hollows. This species is not known to impact on any agricultural industries and would not come into contact with any potentially susceptible commodities such as cereal grains, oilseeds, grain legumes, fruit and vegetables.

The Rose-crowned conure was risk assessed as being not dangerous to humans, having a low establishment risk but with a low consequence of establishment.  In taking these factors into account, the assessment concluded that the risk posed by importing the Rose-crowned conure into Tasmania is low.

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