Wildlife Exports

​​There are two types of wildlife exports:
  1. live animals, usually as pets or for exhibition in wildlife parks and zoos, and
  2. products of wildlife, including meat, fur and skins. 
Use this form to apply for a permit to allow the export of approved wildlife and wildlife products from Tasmania.

  Export Application Form   (406Kb)

Exports of Live Wildlife

Over the last few years there has been increasing interest in the export of live wildlife from Tasmania.

The majority of exports constitute common species of wildlife such as birds that are exported as household pets. A small number of reptiles and mammals are exported for display or educational purposes. In addition to an increase in wildlife exports, there has also been greater demand for exports of different species, including an increased demand for exports of Tasmania's threatened species.

In 2010, the Tasmanian Government commissioned a review of Tasmania's wildlife export arrangements to address concerns that the existing arrangements did not maximise the potential conservation outcomes, and to ensure that the arrangements are clear, transparent, and protect Tasmania's biodiversity (see Review of Tasmania's Wildlife Export Arrangements). The project brief included consulting with key stakeholder groups to determine their current and emerging needs, identifying potential risks that need to be managed, and proposing options for managing those risks.

The Department is currently developing new policy and procedures for exporting Tasmanian wildlife to ensure that wildlife exports are sustainable and that conservation outcomes are maximised. The policy will take into account the recommendations of the review, and will provide a framework to manage the export of Tasmanian wildlife.

Export of the Products of Wildlife

For the 'products' of wildlife, including meat, skins and fur, to be exported out of Australia, there must be a Trade Management Plan approved by the Commonwealth Government of Australia under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment has Commonwealth approval for the commercial harvest and export of products of Brushtail possums for the period 2015-2020.

DPIPWE is required to provide an Annual Report on the previous year's activities under the plan and a Quota Report outlining the quota for the following year.

The Annual Report is completed in the second half of the calendar year and approved by the Commonwealth Government's Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities after which it is posted on this website. Copies of the Annual Reports are available below.

The Quota Reports are completed in June of each year and identify the quota (i.e. the maximum commercial harvest of Brushtail possum) for each region of the state (excluding the south west as there is no harvest there). In addition, a range of supportive data is reported against to ensure the sustainability of the commercial harvest. Quota Reports are available below.

Annual Reports

Management Plan for the Commercial Harvest & Export of Brushtail Possums in Tasmania Annual Report 2011-2012 (864 KB)

Management Plan for the Commercial Harvest & Export of Brushtail Possums in Tasmania Annual Report 2010-2011 (764 KB)

  Management Plan for the Commercial Harvest and Export of Brushtail Possums in Tasmania Annual Report 2012-2013   (823Kb)

Quota Reports

  Commercial Harvest Quota Report Brushtail Possum 2013-14   (546Kb)

  Commercial Harvest Quota Report Brushtail Possum 2014-15   (558Kb)

  Commerical Harvest Quota Report Brushtail Possum 2016-17   (409Kb)




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