Managing Browsing Wildlife - Toolkit

The Managing Browsing Wildlife Toolkit comprises three booklets (shown below with their mailing cover). The Planning Guide and the Wildlife Management Strategy Workbook should be worked through at the same time, cross referencing each one as you work through them. The Information Booklet is a handy reference tool.

A free copy of this Toolkit can be mailed directly to you by contacting one of the officers below.

Toolkit documentsManaging Browsing Wildlife Toolkit Postal Cover

Planning Guide

Planning Guide

  • Step 1: Define the Problem
  • Step 2: Set Objectives (Other Wildlife Objectives)
  • Set 3: Develop your Plan (Approaches to Management, Timing of Management, Fencing, Shooting, Trapping, 1080 Poison, Costing Control Options)
  • Step 4: Implement and Monitor Plan
  • Step 5: Evaluation and Modify the Plan
  • Appendices

Planning Guide - Managing Browsing Wildlife (1.12 MB)

Workbook Cover

Work Book

  • Property Overview
  • Problem Summary Worksheets
  • Set Objectives Worksheets
  • Costing Control Option Worksheets
  • Action Plan - Monitoring Worksheet
  • Wallaby Fencing Calculator

Work Book - Managing Browsing Wildlife (577 KB)

Information Booklet

Information Booklet

  • Browsing Wildlife Species
  • Monitoring and Measuring Pasture Losses to Wildlife
  • Fencing
  • Wombat Gates
  • Legislative Information for Landowners
  • Shooting and Hunting Effectively
  • A Sub-Catchment Approach Coordinating Browsing Damage Management
  • Trapping
  • Browsing Wildlife Management with Fallow Deer
  • Conservation on Private Land
  • 1080 Poison

Information Booklet (3.91 MB)


Browsing Animal Management Officer
Jonathan Knox
165 Westbury Road
Phone: 0417 754 590
Fax: 6777 5154

Senior Wildlife Management Officer
Robbie Gaffney
134 Macquarie Street
Phone: 0418 370 598

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