Public Land Deer Hunting Ballot

The 2020 Public Land Deer Hunting Ballot applications will not be available until early 2020.

​​​​​General Information

To provide opportunities for appropriately licensed and registered shooters, the Department is continuing to support responsible recreational shooters to hunt wild fallow deer on designated reserved and public land. 

Allowing controlled access for recreational hunters to reserved and public land will help control deer numbers, and will reduce their impact on the environment, while providing an opportunity for hunters. 
​​Recreational hunting for fallow deer under this ballot system will again be authorised during the 2020 game season in the following Central Highland reserves:

Top Marshes Conservation Area
Access ​approximately 3​ km in on the Monpeelyata Road off the Marlborough Highway (opposite Little Pine Lagoon)​​.

  Top Marsh CA - Hunting Map   (323Kb)

Great Western Tiers Conservation Area
Access to this reserve is via the Tunbridge Tier Road (app​roximately 17.5 km west from the Midlands Highway, Tunbridge) through a track known as Mountain Creek Road for approximately 9.1 km, turn right onto Bacala Road at the old saw mill mound (before the Mountain Creek bridge) for a further .9 km to the boom gate posts, recommended 4WD vehicles only. 

  Great Western Tiers CA - Mountain Creek Hunting Map   (636Kb)

Five Mile Pinnacle Conservation Area​ 
Access via Barren Plains Road​ off the Highland Lakes Road (Tods Corner)​.

  Ballot Map Five Mile Pinnacle   (345Kb)

Central Plateau Conservation Area - Breton Rivulet & Mother Lords Plains
Breton Rivulet block (PWS) including Mother Lord Plains block (HT) - Consisting of the portion of Central Plateau Conservation Area land east of the Highland Lakes Road and Hydro Tasmania land. Main access to this reserve via the Poatina Road through Cider Park Track, recommended  4WD vehicles. Hunting only to the East of Highland Lakes Road (Pine Lake) and West of the Poatina Road.

  Ballot Map -Central Plateau CA - Breton Rivulet - Mother Lords Plains Hunting Map   (449Kb)

Great Western Tiers Conservation Area - Parson and Clerk Mountain
Parson and Clerk Mountain block (PWS) - Consisting of an isolated part of the Great Western Tiers Conservation Area around Parson and Clerk Mountain. Main access via the Gunns Marsh Road through the Tumbledown Creek * approximately 19 km to Little Lake access sign, recommended 4WD vehicles only.  

  Greater Western Tiers CA - Parsons and Clerk Mountain Hunting Map   (365Kb)

Great Lake Conservation Area - Tumbledown Creek - Gunns Marsh
Land known as Tumbledown Creek* (PWS) including Gunns Marsh (HT) (excluding Gunns Lake and Little Lake) - Consisting of the portion of the Great Lake Conservation Area and Hydro Tasmania land east of the Poatina Road. Access from Poatina Road via the Gunns Marsh Road. Hunting only to the north west of the Gunns Marsh Road and transmission lines, recommended 4WD vehicles only.    

  Ballot Map -Great Lake CA - Tumbledown Creek - Gunns Marsh Hunting Map   (409Kb)

Deer Ballot Land General location map

Ballot Closing and Draw Date

Mid January 2020


Public Land Deer Hunting Ballot
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