Game Hunting Requirements

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You can apply and pay for a recreational game licence on the recreational game licence page.

Who needs a recreational game licence?​

 Anybody who wants to recreationally hunt: 
  • deer
  • wild duck 
  • muttonbird 
  • wallaby 
  • brown quail 
  • pheasant 

Am I eligible for a recreational game licence?

Applicants must:
  • Be older than 14 years of age if use of a firearm is required 
  • Hold a current firearms licence if applying to take deer, duck, wallaby, brown quail or pheasant. Current firearm licences issued from all Australian states or territories will be accepted
  • Have completed a Game Take Return Information Form (below) if applying to renew licences
  • Have the permission of the landowner if on private land
  • Have passed a Waterfowl Identification Test if applying for a licence to take wild duck

What is included with my recreational game licence?

Licence purchasers receive:
  • a plastic recreational game licence card
  • deer tags (if applicable)
  • a copy of Game Tracks
  • a species information sheet (if applicable)
Each new recreational game licence applicant is issued with a unique licence number. 
You will see this number cited on your: 
  • plastic game licence card
  • renewal application (for people who have held recreational game licences before)
  • interim recreational game licence receipt

Applicants can purchase game licences for one or more game species at the same time, or individually as required at the start of each hunting season. 

If you need to update your personal details during the season this can be done at no additional cost.

​Do I need a firearms licence?

  • Everybody aged 18 and older who wants a recreational game licence will need a current firearms licence (except those hunting muttonbirds)

  • Everybody aged 14 to 17 needs a current Tasmanian Minor's (Firearms) Permit to use a firearm. Game licences will not be issued to a person under the age of 14 where a firearm is required to be used

  • Interstate visitors applying for a game licence require a current firearms licence from their home state

  • Overseas firearms licences are not recognised in Tasmania. It is necessary for international hunters to obtain a Tasmanian exemption permit

Please contact Firearm Services on (03) 6173 2720 for further information on firearms licences.

If applying for a wallaby game licence only to be a non-shooting participant in a crop protection activity (for example as a spotlight holder or driver) write ‘non-shooting GL’ on the game licence application form.

Do I need to declare prior convictions?

All hunters making an application to purchase a game licence are required to declare any relevant offence of which they have been convicted during the last 5 years.

Detailed information is available on the recreational game licences​ page.

Can I use a concession?

A 20 percent discount on the cost of a licence is available for holders of the following current concession cards:
  • Pensioner concession Card (Centrelink/Department of Human Services or DVA)
  • Centrelink/DHS Health Care Card (or for beneficiaries and/or dependants named on a Health Care Card)​​​​
  • Tasmanian Seniors Card
Children under the age of 18 years are entitled to a concession only if they have their own concession card or are named as dependants by their parents on one of the above concession cards.

Lost or Damaged Game Licence Cards or Tags

Game Licence Cards

If your recreational game licence card is lost or damaged a replacement may be requested by completing a ​recreational game licence application form. Selecting the application type "I want to replace a lost or damaged current game licence card".

  Recreational Game Licence Application Form   (648Kb)

Deer Tags

Lost or damaged deer tags may be replaced. Please contact the Wildlife Management Branch on the contact details at the bottom of the page to arrange a replacement. 

A statutory declaration must be completed and submitted prior to a replacement tag being issued.

General Regulations Applicable to all Species

The Wildlife (General) Regulations 2010 govern hunting in Tasmania. There are a number of regulations applicable to all species:
  • Hunting at night is prohibited. In this instance night means the period between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise
  • The use of baits, live decoys, traps, snares, spears, bows and arrows, explosives, poison, bird lime and chemical compounds is prohibited
  • Solid jacketed military ammunition is prohibited
  • The use of dogs to catch, kill, or injure wildlife is prohibited
Information on animal welfare, and the guidelines and codes of practice around the treatment of animals while hunting, is available on the Animal Welfare Guidelines page​.

Seasonal Game Take Returns

At the close of every game season the Wildlife Management Branch will contact recreational game licence holders requesting information on their hunting activity. T​​​his occurs in July each year and includes each game species except wallaby.

Licence holders that provide their take information are automatically sent a licence renewal application for the following game seasons.

Take information is required in written form. Forms are available online or for completion at any Service Tasmania shop.

  Game Take Return Form and Map   (560Kb)

Information collected is used to ensure the sustainable management of Tasmania's game species, and forms the basis of the game season reports provided in Game Tracks.

Please note: A recreational game licence holder who does not provide their take information as required will not receive a renewal application in the post. They will not be able to purchase a recreational game licence for the following game season until the take information is submitted.


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Fax: 03 6173 0253

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