Fallow Deer (Dama dama) Farming in Tasmania


Under the Wildlife (Deer Farming) Regulations 2010, farmed Fallow deer are regarded as those deer farmed for both commercial (meat and antler products) and non commercial (hobby farms) purposes.

This Deer Farming Legislation Handout provides a summary of the Wildlife (Deer Farming) Regulations 2010. Anyone wishing to view the complete legislation can do so by searching the Tasmanian Legislation website.

New Applications

The Intent to Farm Deer Registration Form is to be completed by an applicant who intends to hold Fallow deer behind wire. This form has been prepared to facilitate the application process. Information required includes the site of the deer farm, fencing detail and proposed stock numbers.

The form should be completed and the proposed deer farm site and fencing plans assessed by Game Services Tasmania prior to building any fences.

A fact sheet on how to apply for a notice to operate a deer farm​ provides further information on the application process. 

Fallow Deer Farm Fencing Specification Guidelines

MarkhamTo help provide clarity as to the minimum fencing standard required, please refer to the Fencing Specification Guidelines.

Other Legislative requirements for Deer Farm operations such as ; record keeping, requirement to provide receipts on disposal of any deer or product of deer, escapes and releases of farmed deer into the wild and their recovery or destruction are included in the Deer Farming Legislation Handout document.

Renewal (Notices) to Operate a Deer Farm

Notices issued to operate deer farms are currently being standardised so that they will all expire on the 5 July 2016. This applies to both new applications and renewals. The Application for Renewal to operate a Deer Farm should be submitted if you are required to re-register your deer farm.

Transfer or Cancellation of a Deer Farm

For those landowners who already have an approved deer farm but intend selling or closing the operation, please complete the Transfer-Cancellation Deer Farm Form.



Anyone wishing to establish a Fallow Deer farm should contact Game Management  to obtain relevant advice prior to commencing operation.

The Established Deer Farm Fact Sheet provides further information on the application process of renewal, cancellation or transfer of an established deer farm.
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