COVID-19 Hunting Arrangements Tasmania

All National Parks and reserved land managed by Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Services are open for limited public access for the purpose of personal exercise only until further notice. More information, including frequently asked questions, can be found on the ​Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service website​.

Hunting is not permitted.
​For information about how hunting activities fit in with Government social distancing/isolation measures please visit the Hunting in Tasmania FAQs​ on the Tasmanian Government Coronavirus website.

What does limited access to parks mean for hunters?

This means that NO HUNTING can occur on this land until further notice including:
  • ​deer
  • duck
  • wallaby
  • vermin

Deer Hunting

The following​​ conservation areas and regional reserves that were part of the 2020 Public Land Fallow Deer Ballot are open only for exercise so the NO HUNTING rule applies: 
  • Tooms Lake Conservation Area
  • Buxton River Conservation Area
  • St Pauls Regional Reserve
  • Castle Cary Regional Reserve
  • Top Marshes Conservation Area
  • Great Western Tiers Conservation Area
  • Five Mile Pinnacle Conservation Area
  • Central Plateau Conservation Area –Breton Rivulet & Mother Lord Plains
  • Great Western Tiers Conservation Area –Parsons & Clerk Mountain
  • Great Lake Conservation Area –Tumbledown Creek & Gunns Marsh
If you require any​​ further information​​ contact Robin Thompson via email at​ or phone 03 6777 2157.

Duck Hunting

There is NO HUNTING on the following Game and Regional Reserves and Conservation Areas declared open for the 2020 duck season. 
  • Mounting Lagoon Game Reserve
  • Lake Tiberias Game Reserve
  • Farm Cove Game Reserve
  • North-East River Game Reserve
  • Waterhouse Conservation Area
  • Cameron Regional Reserve
  • Brushy Lagoon Conservation Area
If you require any further information contact Robin Thompson via email at​ or phone 6777 2157.​

Pheasant H​unting

Persons considering purchasing a game licence to hunt pheasants on King Island during the 2020 pheasant season should note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, travel to King Island is currently restricted to residents or essential travellers.  Residents of King Island must undergo a 14 day period of isolation upon arrival on the island.  Any person who has purchased a Pheasant licence for the 2020 season and is unable to access King Island for the season may apply for a refund.  Complete the form below and return to


​The muttonbird season is now closed. Due to the closure of the following muttonbird rookeries in response to COVID-19 licence refunds are available to those who have purchased a muttonbird licence for these areas for the 2020 season​. Complete the form below and return to​

NO HARVESTING OF MUTTONBIRDS was allowed on the following Reserves and Conservation Areas during the 2020 muttonbird season: 
Hunter Group:
  • Harbour Islets - Conservation Area
  • Petrels Game Reserve
  • Ranger Point Rookery on Three Hummock Island State Reserve
  • Stack Island Game Reserve
  • Bird Island Game Reserve
King Island Group:
  • Badger Box - Conservation Area
  • Barrier Creek - Conservation Area
  • Bold Head - Conservation Area 
  • Boulder Point - State Reserve 
  • Cataraqui Point​​ Point - Conservation Area
  • Fraser Bluff - Conservation Area
  • New Year Island Game Reserve
  • Red Hut - Conservation Area 
  • Rocky Point - State Reserve
  • Seal Rocks - State Reserve
  • Sandblow Point - Conservation Area
  • Whistler Point - Conservation Area
Furneaux Group:
  • East Kangaroo Island Nature Reserve
  • Big Green Island Nature Reserve
  • Inner Sister Island - Conservation Area 
  • Outer Sister Island - Conservation Area
  • Little Chalky Island - Conservation Area
  • Little Dog Island - Game Reserve
  • Little Green Island - Conservation Area
  • Little  Island - Conservation Area
  • Marriot Reef - Conservation Area
  • Pasco Islands - Conservation Area
  • Passage Island - Conservation Area
  • Prime Seal Island - Conservation Area
  • Roydon Island - Conservation Area
  • Sentinel Island - Conservation Area
West Coast:
  • Ocean Beach - Conservation Area
  • Hannants Bight - Conservation Area
  • Pilots Bay - Conservation Area
  • Trumpeter Rock - Conservation Area
Private Islands:
The following privately owned islands are also closed by the landowner to the public.
  • Robbins Island 
  • Walkers Island
​If you require any further information contact Greg​ Hocking via email on ​​ 
​or phone 0408 177 830.

Further information

If you require any further information please contact 
or telephone 03 6165 3225.

More information on this and COVID-19 is available from the following websites:  

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