Short-tailed shearwater

Application for Scientific Permit – Available for Public Comment 

Public comment on the following application for a Scientific Research (Fauna) Permit is open until 28 September, 2020

Applicant: University of Tasmania

Species/Taxon: Short-tailed Shearwater (Puffinus tenuirostris)

Location: Lillico Beach Conservation Area and Don Heads shearwater and penguin colonies

Title of research: Monitoring the population size and health of the Lillico Beach shearwater colony

Aim of project: The project aims to map the geographical size and population of Short-tailed Shearwater colony at Lillico Conservation Area and the adjacent Don Heads. The project will also assess the health of the colony by monitoring burrow occupancy and chick survival. Finally, the project will identify any threats to the colony, such as predation or invasion by weed species, that require management. 

Justification: Results from this study will be used to identify factors that adversely impact the colony. The data obtained will also be compared to other colonies to evaluate if the breeding success rate is consistent with other sites. If inconsistencies are identified, the project will suggest management actions aimed at improving the health of the colony which will be brought to the attention of the relevant authorities.

Maximum likely numbers of individuals involved: It is anticipated that we will observe approximately 2000 birds over the duration of the study.

Activities undertaken and methods: Transects will be set up within the colony. Burrows within 1 metre of the transect will be monitored using a burrowscope to establish the presence or absence of shearwater chicks. Surveys will be performed identically for breeding adults in December and chicks in February/March. We will also map the occurrence of weed plant species and use camera trapping to monitor the presence and impacts of predator species.

Fate of animals: No animals will be handled, capture, or collected. 

Likely impact on species involved (including any by-catch): Little to no impact on the animals.  


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