Gall inducing insects

Application for Scientific Permit – Available for Public Comment

Public comment on the following application for a Scientific Research (Fauna) Permit is open until 16 January 2019.
Applicant: School of Biological Sciences, The University of Queensland
Species/Taxon: Tasmanian insects (non-threatened species) and small amounts of plant material associated with the host plant of gall-inducing insects.​

Location: PWS reserves, rest stops and roadside collecting on public land.
Title of research: Diversity and Evolution of Australian Insects
Aim of project: To understand the evolution of Australian insects, with a focus on gall-inducing insects. To help understand the relationship between gall-inducing insects and their host plants. To describe any new species found during the project.
PWS land listed to maximise chance of finding and collecting specimens. Where possible, specimens will be collected from public land.
Important to document biodiversity and to understand the relationships between different trophic levels (producers, primary and higher-level consumers).
Maximum likely numbers of individuals involved: Up to 30 specimens per species per site.​
Activities undertaken and methods: Hand-collecting. Plant growths that contain insects will be removed from plant with a pair of sterilised hand-held secateurs.
Fate of animals: Specimens will be stored in ethanol or frozen. Type material of any new species found and described from the project will be deposited in insect collections in Australia (with preference for the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery).
Likely impact on species involved (including any by-catch): Negligible because only a small number of specimens per species will be collected during the collection period and hand-collecting reduces the risk of by-catch.


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