Aquatic Invertebrates

Application for Scientific Permit – Available for Public Comment

Public comment on the following application for a Scientific Research (Fauna) Permit is open until 18 February 2019
Applicant: Freshwater Biomonitoring
Species/Taxon: Freshwater invertebrates (range of taxa).
Location: Cradle Mt National Park, South-West National Park
Title of research: Collection of aquatic invertebrates for monitoring purposes
Aim of project: Freshwater Systems is required by clients to undertake sampling of aquatic invertebrates to monitor the impacts of various activities (forestry, mining, hydroelectricity generation, waste water treatment etc) on the rivers and other inland waters of Tasmania.
This sampling may occur on reserved lands, for example, in Cradle Mt National Park to monitor the impacts of waste water treatment discharged into Pencil Pine Ck.
Monitoring river health in reserved land where there are potential impacts of development
Maximum likely numbers of individuals involved: 100’s of invertebrates
Activities undertaken and methods:
The sampling of aquatic invertebrates is conducted using either kick nets or Surber samplers to collect invertebrates from the benthos of the stream. Light trapping is also used to collect adult macroinvertebrates. The invertebrates are then preserved in ethanol or Formalin on site for later identification and enumeration. The data is analysed and reports sent to the relevant bodies.
Fate of animals:
Invertebrates are preserved in formalin and counted in laboratory.
Likely impact on species involved (including any by-catch):
Because of the methods of sampling used threatened species may inadvertently be sampled. In the case of threatened species such as Giant Freshwater Crayfish these will be immediately released back into the water.


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