Spotted Marsh Frog

Spotted marsh frog
copyright: PWS​

The spotted marsh frog (Limnodynastes tasmaniensis) is found throughout the east and north east of Tasmania, where it occurs in farm dams, open woodlands, creeks and coastal wetlands. It also occurs throughout much of southeastern mainland Australia. It grows to a length of 45mm.

The dorsal surface is smooth and pale grey-brown, with irregular clearly defined green to olive-green spots and has a thin yellow, orange or reddish mid-dorsal stripe. The ventral surface is smooth and white. They breed in autumn, spring and summer in shallow swamps, ponds, dams and roadside drains.

audio button The call, which can be heard in spring and summer, has been likened to two stones being tapped together, 'ick-ick' (You will notice in this sound recording other species also - the banjo frog and brown tree frog).

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