Snakes of Tasmania

There are three species of snakes found in Tasmania: Tiger, Lowland Copperhead and White-lipped. All three Tasmanian species are capable of injecting venom, although the venom of the White-lipped snake has never been recorded as causing death to a human.

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  • About Tasmanian Snakes
    Details of the biology of Tasmanian snakes and their relationship with humans.
  • Lowland Copperhead Snake
    Prefers to live in swampy or marshy areas where it feeds on frogs, lizards and smaller snakes.
  • Tiger Snake
    Generally the belly is pale yellow, white or grey, the enlarged ventral scales often edged with black. The head is broad and blunt.
  • White-lipped Snake
    The smallest species of snake in Tasmania, they feed on small skinks and are found throughout Tasmania.