Frogs of Tasmania

Eleven species of frog occur in Tasmania, three of which are restricted to the State.

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  • Brown Tree Frog
    A common and widespread species often found in suburban gardens.
  • Common Froglet
    This widespread species is by far the most abundant in the State.
  • Eastern Banjo Frog
    Found throughout most of eastern Tasmania and to the north of Macquarie Harbour, this species has a remarkable banjo-like call.
  • Green and Gold Frog
    The only Tasmanian species listed as vulnerable - as population levels have declined markedly over the past ten years.
  • Moss Froglet
    The latest 'addition' to the Tasmanian frog fauna, discovered in 1992 in the beautiful Hartz Mountains.
  • Smooth Froglet
    The smooth froglet is found throughout northern and central Tasmania.
  • Southern Toadlet
    Found throughout the eastern half of Tasmania, this brilliantly patterned species is a close relative of the well-known corroboree frog.
  • Spotted Marsh Frog
    Found throughout north eastern Tasmania, where it occurs in farm dams, open woodlands, creeks and coastal wetlands.
  • Striped Marsh Frog
    An uncommon species confined to the far north-west and north-east, as well as King Island.
  • Tasmanian Froglet
    Found only in Tasmania, this species is common throughout much of the State, often at high altitudes.
  • Tasmanian Tree Frog
    Found only in Tasmania, the Tasmanian tree frog is restricted to the west of the State.