Stream Gauging

Stream gauging provides water quantity information for:
  • the design of water supplies, dams and other engineering works;
  • monitoring the sustainability of water allocation and water management;
  • implementing water restrictions;
  • flood mitigation and drainage;
  • monitoring climate change and drought; and
  • assessment of changes in water yields resulting from altered land use.

Water information officer measuring river flow

Water information officer measuring stream flow

Access to Data

Developments in stream gauging equipment allow computer access to data in near real time.

Ratings development is currently being undertaken for all sites. As the ratings are developed the flow data will become available on the Water Information System of Tasmania (WIST) website and the river flow plots on the DPIPWE web site. Interim ratings have already been completed for some sites with this data now available.

See the Water Flow section of WIST for a list of current water monitoring sites.

Gauging site on Macquarie River upstream of Lake River

Macquarie River stream gauging site

Further Information

The responsibility for flood warning resides with the Bureau of Meteorology:


Section Head - Water Monitoring
Jeffrey Chamberlain
13 St Johns Avenue
New Town TAS 7008
Phone: 03 6165 3275
Fax: 03 6228 5123

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