Review and Amendment of the Lakes Sorell and Crescent Water Management Plan

​​​​​​​​​​​​The current Lakes Sorell and Crescent Water Management Plan (Lakes Plan) was prepared and adopted in 2005.​

The Plan sets out the framework for managing the water resources in the Lakes Plan Area, in accordance with the Water Management Act 1999, to ensure that water resources in the Plan area are managed to optimise its benefits for a range of users, including the community, the environment and commercial users.

Since the Plan was adopted, there has been a range of climatic conditions including some of the driest periods on record (2006-2009) as well as periods of average and well above average rainfall. The community suffered significant hardships related to the drought period and the review provides an opportunity to evaluate the performance of the Plan and consider improvements to water management arrangements. Many changes have occurred in the catchment – a shift in enterprises, a new irrigation scheme, improvements in water allocations and entitlements reflecting historic and current use and numerous private water developments.

DPIPWE has commenced a review of the Water Management Plan so that we manage water better and plan for the future to reflect and keep up with these changes.

Review and amendment process

The review and amendment of the Plan is being undertaken according to Section 34 of the Water Management Act 1999. Information on the process to review and amend the Plan is provided in the Water Management Planning Guiding Principles for the Development of Statutory Water Management Plans and involves statutory requirements for public consultation.

The review of the Plan is being conducted in consultation with the key stakeholders through the Lakes Sorell and Crescent Water Management Plan Consultative Group.

The Consultative Group provides DPIPWE with a balanced range of views, local knowledge, advice and feedback from key stakeholders on matters relating to the review and amendment of the Plan. 

The Consultative Group will have preliminary input to support the DPIPWE to draft amendments to the Plan (prior to their release for formal public feedback).  Stakeholder input through the plan drafting and feedback stages supports the development of a Plan that best meets the needs of local water users and recognises water resource complexities for the area.​

  Terms of Reference Review and Amendment of Lakes Sorell and Crescent Water Management Plan Consultative Group   (306Kb)​

The Consultative Group consists of the following members and stakeholder groups.

Mr Anthony Archer​Central Highlands Council​
Mr Will Bignell​

Community Representative – Catchment area, Bothwell and upstream to Lake Crescent outlet​

Mr Terry Byard​Anglers Alliance Tasmania​
Mr John Diggle​Inland Fisheries Service​
​​Ms Marie Egerrup
​Hydro Tasmania
​Mr Peter Downie
​Community Representative - Lakes Plan Area, property owners
​Mr Tom Edgell
Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association
​Mr Richard Hallett
Community Representative - Catchment area, below Bothwell to Meadowbank Scheme area
​Mr David Jones

Community Representative - Hamilton and properties accessing the Meadowbank Scheme
​Ms Josie Kelman
​Derwent Catchment Project
​Mr John Ramsay
​River Clyde Trust
​Mr Stephen Purvis

If you would like further information or would like to provide input to the preliminary drafting of amendments to the Water Management Plan, please contact a member of the Consultative Group that best represents your interests or to be put in touch with a representative please contact the Department on 03 677 72243 or 03 616 53221 or via email at  

A draft amended Water Management Plan for the Lakes Sorell and Crescent catchment is being prepared and is expected to be released for statutory public consultation and feedback by the end of 2021.


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