Water resources information for the Great Forester River Catchment


​​​​​​DPIPWE is gathering and reviewing information collected since the Great Forester Water Management Plan was adopted in 2003, to identify any water management issues and develop strategies to address them.  Information will be posted here as it becomes available through the review and amendment process.

Community water values

Water is important to the Great Forester River catchment community for many reasons.  A workshop with Consultative Group members was held on 9 August 2018, to identify and discuss the importance of water around the themes of economic, social, cultural and recreational, and environmental values.  ​

  Great Forester River Catchment Water Management Plan Review and Amendment Project: Water-related values   (258Kb​

The figure below summarises the values that were raised during the workshop.  Identification of Aboriginal heritage values for the catchment still needs to be done.

These values will be used to develop catchment-specific objectives for the amended Plan.​


Freshwater-ecosystem values

Several studies and assessments have been undertaken​ to gain a better understanding of the important freshwater ecosystem values in the catchment:

  Assessment of freshwater ecosystem values in the Great Forester Catchment Guidance for Water Management April 2007   (522Kb)


McKerrows Marsh Study

Study to determine the water requirements for McKerrows Marsh - Great Forester River

  McKerrows Marsh Study Part 1 Review of information on hydrology and hydrogeology July 2005   (283Kb)

  McKerrows Marsh Study Part 2 Characterisation of ecology of McKerrows Marsh Wetland July 2005   (457Kb)

  McKerrows Marsh Study Part 3 Values threats and proposed management objectives November 2005   (154Kb)

  McKerrows Marsh Study Part 4 Hydrological analysis and water resource budget September 2006   (2Mb)​


Habitat Preference Studies

  An investigation of the habitat use of juvenile Astacopsis gouldi in the Emu River Tasmania December 2006   (1Mb)​

  Habitat preferences and water requirements of the green and gold frog and striped march frog July 2007   (153Kb)

  Habitat preferences and water requirements of the Mt Arthur burrowing crayfish and the Scottsdale burrowing crayfish July 2007   (159Kb)​​

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