Water Compliance Stakeholder Analysis April 2013

Stakeholder Analysis

The objectives of the Stakeholder analysis were to determine water license holders' understanding of their rights and obligations under the Water Management Act 1999, and their responses to the compliance requirements. This consultancy was undertaken by AK Consultants, who combined a survey, individual interviews and focus groups with water license stakeholders across the state.

Feedback from water licence holders on the licence compliance requirements was sought via focus group meetings, individual interviews and a questionnaire.

Responses were considered against the Table of Eleven (an internationally recognised system for assessing views about compliance with legislation), and showed that most people choose to do the right thing most of the time, however, some water licence holders do not comply with aspects of their water licence that they do not understand or that they feel are unnecessary. In addition there are some users who will take water outside the conditions of their licence if they think there will be minimal impact on the environment or downstream users and if there is minimal risk of being detected.

Detailed assessment of the responses showed:

Most licence holders are aware of and respect the allocation description component of their licences (the four unambiguous licence requirements);
  • Licensed amount of the take.
  • Daily take limit.
  • Period when taking is permitted.
  • The location of the off-take.
Licence holders generally seek to comply with these conditions, although in catchments or seasons when there appears to be adequate water there appeared to be little motivation to be compliant, and certainly no motivation to record data that would demonstrate compliance with licence conditions.

Any recommendations provided in the report are those of the consultants. DPIPWE may consider some of these in the development of current or future projects.

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Water Compliance Stakeholder Analysis Report April 2013 (913 KB)

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