Temporary Water Allocations

Approval of a temporary allocation

There are occasions when a holder of a water licence, or landholders without a licence, may take more water than the licence permits. These can occur during high flows in a watercourse. However, before water is taken, a temporary allocation must be approved and issued under Section 90(1) of the Water Management Act 1999.


A temporary water allocation may be issued for a period not exceeding six months if the taking of water:

(a) is consistent with any relevant water management plan;
(b) does not adversely affect the taking of water by others with a right to take water from the water resource; and
(c) does not cause material environmental harm or serious environmental harm.

Further conditions may be applied for temporary allocations in a Hydro Electric District. See the Water Districts Summary document for more information on Hydro Electric Districts.

Applying for a temporary allocation

Applications for temporary water allocations may be made to your Regional Water Management Officer.

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