Maintaining/Updating Customer Information

Your water licence is a valuable commodity.Inaccurate customer data can affect the security of your water licence or result in delays/difficulties when transferring water allocations between licence holders.

 It is the responsibility of water licence holders to ensure that the customer data (e.g. full name, address, contact information) supporting their water licence is up-to-date and accurate.  Water licence holders that have not updated their customer data recently should complete a customer data verification form. 

To update your customer data, select a form from the three options below that meets your water licence ownership circumstance.  That is, is your water licence owned by (1) an individual (2) a company, or (3) a partnership/joint venture. 

1. Individual

  Water Licence Customer Data Verification - Individual   (68Kb)

2. Company

  Water Licence Customer Data Verification - Company   (59Kb)

3. Partnership/Joint Venture

  Water Licence Customer Data Verification - Partnership/Joint Venture   (62Kb)

Further Information

Should you require further information about verifying your customer data, please phone Sue Weedon on (03) 6777 2232.

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