Water Licences

Licensing of water diversions and issuing water allocations are essential ingredients for good water management. In Tasmania, before water can be taken from a river or stream or stored in a farm dam for commercial purposes, a licence must be obtained from the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Once a person has established a water allocation under the Water Management Act 1999, an allocation may be attached to the licence. A water allocation can be obtained by either establishing a right to take water from the stream at the licence location, or by transferring water from another licence.

Conditions can be placed on both the water licence and/or allocation. Conditions are included to enable the water resource to be sustainably managed and to protect both water quality and environmental needs of waterways.

In this Topic

  • Water Licensing - FAQs
    Essential information relating to water licences and dam works.
  • Know Your Water Licence
    Information helping you understand your water licence and what you can and can't under your water licence.
  • Do I need a Water Licence?
    Who requires a water licence and how to apply.
  • Accounting for your water
    New conditions are being added to water licences that will require the keeping of records to demonstrate compliance.
  • Maintaining/Updating Customer Information
    You can keep your water licence secure by verifying your customer data.
  • Making the Most of Your Water Factsheets
    Some factsheets to assist licence holders in understanding how planning, recording and reviewing their water use can assist in being compliant with water licences.
  • Selling Water
    Licensing issues that must be considered when selling water and links to required forms.
  • Surface Water Catchments
    Water management is focussed on 48 catchments across Tasmania.
  • Temporary Water Allocations
    Under what circumstances are temporary water allocations issued?
  • Transferring Licences and Allocations
    Transfers of water licences and allocations must be approved by DPIPWE.
  • Undertaking Riverworks
    Requirements for undertaking works in rivers.
  • Water Districts and Entities
    A Water District may be created under the Water Management Act 1999 for various purposes, including water supply, irrigation and undertaking riverworks.
  • Water licences and property
    Information on what to do with water licences when buying or selling a property.
  • Water Licences Do's and Don'ts
    To be compliant with your water licence you must take the specified amount of water from the named location at the right time
  • Water Management Regions
    Tasmania is divided into water management regions, with major offices in Hobart, Prospect, Devonport and Burnie.
  • Water Meters
    Water meters are recognised as one of the most reliable methods to measure and account for water taken under water licences.
  • Water Restrictions
    Water restrictions are imposed when water supplies are low.
  • Watercourse Authorities
    If water is being released from a dam into a watercourse to be picked up downstream you will need a Watercourse Authority. A Watercourse Authority is an approval that authorises a person to convey, via a watercourse, water that has been taken and stored under the Water Management Act 1999 (“the Act") or the Irrigation Clauses Act 1973.

Search for Water Entitlement and Dam Permit Data via WIST (Water Information System of Tasmania).

For water licence application or transfer queries, please contact:

  Anna Henricks
  Senior Administration Officer (Permits & Licensing)
  1 Franklin Wharf HOBART TAS 7000
  Phone: 03 6165 3019
  Email: Anna.Henricks@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

For further information please contact Section Head, Water and Dam Administration

  Bill Shackcloth
  Section Head, Water and Dam Administration
  1 Franklin Wharf
  GPO Box 44
  Phone: 03 6165 3001
  Email: Bill.Shackcloth@dpipwe.tas.gov.au