Water Data

The Water Information Tasmania Web Portal allows you to search for data relating to water flow, water quality, groundwater, natural freshwater values. Water entitlement and dam permit information is available through the Water Information System of Tas (WIST).

River flow plots display the flow recorded in Megalitres per day (ML/day) at sites which are currently open and telemetered.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that DPIPWE are reviewing the River Flow Plots (Sites A-L and M-Z) and Lake Levels. 

This information is available via The Water Information Tasmania Web Portal. 

The Water Information Tasmania Web Portal is the updated site where all water data including current and historic river flow data is held. Please see (web link) for further information. It is advised to bookmark this link into your computer, mobile phone and/or tablet for future reference.

For assistance on getting started exploring data and plots with the Water information Tasmania Web Portal there is a Getting Started Guide available by clicking on the information button in the top right hand corner of the Water Information Tasmania Web Portal site.

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River Flow Plots
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