T Chatwin - Dam application: Un-named Tributary Blackfish Creek

‚ÄčAn application to undertake dam works in Un-named Tributary of Blackfish Creek has been received.

The documents below have been provided as part of this application.

  Chatwin Dam application   (509Kb)

  Chatwin Dam CFEV Report   (636Kb)

  Chatwin Dam Photos   (2Mb)

  Chatwin Dam Natural Values Report   (2Mb)

  Chatwin Dam Map   (109Kb)

  Chatwin Dam Letter to DPIPWE   (125Kb)

  Chatwin Dam Landslip Risk Report   (960Kb)

  Chatwin Dam Sediment and Erosion Control Plan   (165Kb)

  Chatwin Dam Proposed Steps in Estimation of Dam Spillway   (404Kb)

  Chatwin Dam Property Title   (103Kb)

  Chatwin Dam Consequence Category   (595Kb)


Persons who may be affected by the application may make representations against the application.

Representations must be in writing, and must be received close of business Monday 8 June 2020.

Send your written representation to:

Section Head (Water and Dam Administration)
Water Management & Assessment Branch
GPO Box 44

Or email to: Bill.Shackcloth@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

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