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Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd ('Tasmanian Irrigation') was established on 1 July 2011 as a State-owned Company responsible for development and operation of a suite of irrigation schemes.


The primary aim of the schemes developed by TI is to grow the wealth of Tasmania by developing and enhancing the productive capacity of the State's agricultural industries.


Tasmanian Irrigation progresses the schemes from feasibility assessment through to the construction and operational stages.

Paying for irrigation schemes

The capital cost of the schemes is shared between the community and the private sector.  The public funding contribution recognises that the regional communities in which the schemes are located will gain a general socio-economic advantage from increased activity and employment over time.


 Private capital contributions are made through the purchase of tradeable water entitlements to a particular scheme by the beneficiaries of that scheme. Operating costs are met by an annual charge on water entitlement holders.

Tranche One Projects

Tasmanian Irrigation's roll-out of Tranche One schemes is nearing completion with eight now operational, and a further two under construction.

The eight operational schemes are the Sassafras Wesley Vale, Great Forester, Whitemore, Winnaleah, Lower South Esk, Kindred North Motton, Dial Blythe and the Midlands Water Scheme.

Under construction are the Upper Ringarooma Irrigation Scheme and the South East Irrigation Scheme Stage 3. 

In total, this irrigation program represents a total commitment of more than $310 million, including $220 million from the Federal and State Governments.

These schemes have a total capacity of 71,638 megalitres and have attracted almost $60 million in private investment. This will increase to $90 million once all water entitlements have been sold.

Tranche Two Projects

In February 2015, the Australian Government announced that it was committing $60 million for Tranche Two irrigation schemes in Tasmania.

Tranche Two consists of five schemes; the Scottsdale, Swan, Southern Highlands, Circular Head and North Esk Irrigation Schemes.

All five Tranche Two projects will have a combined capital cost of $193 million.

Tranche Three Projects

Tasmanian Irrigation has conducted a study of existing scheme infrastructure across Tasmania to explore potential inter-connectivity, enhancement and modernisation of irrigation schemes. The project has also explored development of potential new schemes that may enhance economic development by the movement of water to its highest economic use.

Tranche Three builds on Tasmanian Irrigation’s (TI) successful delivery of Tranche One (10 schemes 2010 – 2015) in its entirety and its ongoing commitment to deliver Tranche Two (5 schemes 2016 – 2019).

In May 2016 after extensive investigation and consultation TI identified eight concepts which will enhance the productive capacity of Tasmania and which it believes warrant further investigation. Tranche Three is now made up of ten projects and all warrant further investigation to take through to business case.

Tranche Three Projects:

• Detention

• Don

• Fingal (includes St Pauls)

• Flowerdale

• Harcus

• Northern Midlands (formerly known as Macquarie Cressy and includes the CLIS enhancement)

• Sassafras Wesley Vale enhancement

• SEIS Integration

• Southern Midlands

• Tamar (includes Pipers)


Further Information

See the Tasmanian Irrigation website for information on specific irrigation schemes:

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