Tasmanian Driller's Licence

​Under the Water Management Act 1999 well driller's are required to hold a Tasmanian Well Driller's Licence before they preform well works. This brings Tasmania into line with all other states where drillers are licenced. Licence's are issued for five years and are non-transferable.

Well Works; means an excavation undertaken to give access to groundwater, any other works undertaken to repair of modify the structure of a well or any works undertaken to plug, backfill, seal or decommission a well.

Three classes of licences are available through the Tasmanian Well Driller's licencing system;

Class 1: restricted to drilling operations in single non-flowing aquifer systems

Class 2: in addition to operating in Class 1 conditions, the holder can carry out drilling activities in single and multiple non-flowing aquifer systems

Class 3: in addition to operating in Class 1 and Class 2 conditions, authorises the holder to carry out drilling activities in non-flowing and flowing aquifer systems.

An application can be made for a new licence, conversion of an interstate licence, a licence Class upgrade, additional endorsements or amendment. No application is required for licence renewal and minor variations to a licence (e.g. change of personal details) can be made at any stage.

Applying for a Tasmanian Well Driller's Licence
  1. Complete a current Well Driller's Licence application and pay the appropriate fee
  2. Contact DPIPWE to obtain a well driller's licence kit
  3. Lodge the application including all required additional information included in the kit
More Information

The current Tasmanian Well Driller's Licence application can be found on the Water Management Forms and Application Fees web page

Guidelines for Assessing Applications for Well Driller's Licences

  Guidelines for Assessing Applications for Well Drillers Licences   (2Mb)

Drillers licensing handbook

  Water Well Drillers Licensing handbook   (2Mb)


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