State Special Emergency Management Plan (Dam Safety Emergencies)

​​​​The State Special Emergency Management Plan (Dam Safety Emergencies) (Issue 3, 18 July 2019) is issued under the authority of the Commissioner of Tasmania Police being the State Emergency Management Controller, in accordance with the requirements of Section 35 of the Emergency Management Act 2006.

The authority for this Plan is supplemented by the Water Management Act 1999 and Water Management (Safety of Dams) Regulations 2015.

The aim of this plan is to describe the emergency management arrangements for dam safety emergencies in Tasmania.

This plan also outlines

  • Roles of Government and Emergency Management Partners.
  • Specific powers/authorities which may be activated.
  • Emergency Management Arrangements including the Dam Safety Program.
  • Prevention and Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.
  • Types and causes of dam safety emergencies.
  • Consequences of dam safety emergencies.

Full details of the plan can be accessed here.

  State Special Emergency Management Plan - Dam Safety Emergencies   (593Kb)​

For general dam safety enquiries contact:


Dam Safety Coordinator
Julian Johnstone
171 Westbury Road
Prospect TAS 7249
Phone: 03 6777 2215
Mobile: 0427 838 841
Fax: 03 6777 5153

Dam Safety Engineer
Sam Ditchfield
13 St Johns Avenue
New Town TAS 7008
Phone: 03 6165 3005
Mobile: 0417 057 862

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