Industrial Hemp Production in Tasmania106596Summarises the legislative and licensing equirements for growing industrial hemp in Tasmania.31/08/2020 11:53:42 PM hemp is cannabis where the leaves and flowering heads do not contain more than 1 per cent Enquiries regarding medicinal cannabis should be directed to the Office of Drug Control htmlFalseaspx
Industrial Hemp Frequently Asked Questions105949This page is intended to answer some of the frequently asked questions about Tasmania’s industrial hemp licensing scheme.31/08/2020 4:43:34 AM page is intended to answer some of Once I ha​ve a licen​​​ce can I grow low-THC cannabis wherever I want Do I need to own th​e ​property where​ I propose to grow low-THC cannabis htmlFalseaspx
Hemp Profile (last updated July 2011)1793910/04/2014 4:24:59 AMThere are close to 2,000 varieties of Cannabis of which only a handful are high in THC Low THC Cannabis can be grown in Tasmania under a licence administered by the Department 88
Industrial hemp factsheet2138214/08/2017 1:18:57 AMSuitability factors for assisting in site selection Free draining soils are preferred for Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa) is a versatile plant grown for either seed or fibre 41
GMO Moratorium 2018 submission 12 - Booth, Kerin1760520/05/2019 4:55:51 AMThere is also the prospect of medicinal cannabis taking a share of the opioid market position to grow Natural GMO-free Medicinal Cannabis, which would be grown mostly indoors
Guidelines for Rights, Duties and Responsibilities under the Poisons Act & Regulations 183665/08/2019 12:01:58 AMVeterinary Surgeons’ rights, duties and responsibilities Issued by the Veterinary Board of Tasmania 26 February 2018 Attachment 2: APPENDIX L –Dispensing Labels for Human and 31
Industrial Hemp Licence Application177361/09/2020 7:00:34 AMAn industrial hemp licence cannot authorise any activities related to medicinal cannabis Medicinal cannabis licences are issued by the Australian Government through the Office of
Weed Potential of New Plants2099320/05/2009 12:21:12 AMATTACHMENT B A report on the development of a Weed Risk Assessment System commissioned by the Australian Weeds Committee and the Plant Industries Committee P. C. Pheloung 65
Intent to Grow Form-Research Licence1813131/08/2020 2:35:58 AMResponsible Officer (where licence holder is a company I declare that to the best of my for the purpose of, the therapeutic use of cannabis is prohibited under a Research Licence
SDN-1 Modified Organism submission 03 - Extractas Bioscience6288553/02/2021 2:24:30 AMP.O. Box 130 Westbury Tasmania, 7303 Australia AUS (03) 6393 5202 - INT +61 3 6393 5202 ABN: 98 009 502 283 ACN: 009 502 283 Tasmanian Alkaloids Pty Ltd
SDN-1 Modified Organism submission 07 - PGT Extractas Sun Pharma6288561/03/2021 12:16:58 AMSubmission by Poppy Growers Tasmania Inc Invitation to Comment in respect of Regulations to Control SDN-1 Modified Organisms in Tasmania Keith Rice | Chief Executive | Poppy Growers
Bassia scoparia15678Application to measure weed potential17/02/2014 4:54:38 AMPre-entry weed potential assessment Bassia scoparia N Y <-input Notes Ascore Escore Nscore A. Biogeography/ (L.)Scott Yellow cells may be modified historical Chenopodaceae CH 10
Carex albula16602Application to measure weed potential17/02/2014 4:55:35 AMPre-entry weed potential assessment Carex albula N Y <-input Notes Ascore Escore Nscore A. Biogeography/ Allan Yellow cells may be modified historical Cyperaceae CH ?-># Converts Y 20
Zizania palustris20853Application to measure weed potential17/02/2014 5:38:34 AMPre-entry weed potential assessment Zizania palustris N Y <-input Notes Ascore Escore Nscore A. Biogeography/ wild rice Yellow cells may be modified historical Poaceae CH 12

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