About Fishwise Community Grants

The Fishwise Community Grant Fund is not open for new projects for 2016-17.

Have you ever wondered where the money raised from the sale of recreational sea fishing licences goes?

Revenue from the sale of sea fishing licences supports the Fishwise fund. This fund covers the management of recreational fishing and provides funds to programs that support recreational fishing activities including.
  • Communication - fisheries awareness and education such as the recreational sea fishing guide, rulers, gauges and brochures.
  • Fishcare Tasmania‚Äč - this program promotes community involvement in fishing, better fishing practices and protecting fish resources.
  • Resource Management - pays for regular surveys of recreational fisheries, other research as well as a 24-hour hotline to report fishing offences.
  • Peak body grant - to TARFish, the Tasmanian Association for Recreational Fishing Inc.

Program Objectives

Fishwise Community Grants provide funding for individuals and community groups to conduct projects that improve the management of marine resources or improve the awareness and knowledge of our fisheries.

Grant applications must be relevant to the objective of the fund.

Project Ideas

There are a wide range of projects which may be eligible to receive grants, including:

  • fishing events - to encourage participation in recreational fishing and teach good fishing practices
  • books and booklets - on fishing and the marine environment
  • signs and information - at boat ramps and jetties
  • economic, biological and social research - that improves management of fisheries.
Some previously funded projects include:
  • education programs promoting responsible fishing practices
  • understanding movement patterns in key recreational species
  • surveys on recreational fishing
  • fish identification and measuring stations
  • postgraduate studies on recreational fishing.

Application Assessment

All applications are evaluated and assessed by the Recreational Fishing Advisory Committee. The committee will provide advice to the Minister on all project applications. The Minister for Primary Industries and Water will then make the final decision with regard to the funding of projects and the administration of the fund.
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