​​​Police inspect southern rock lobsterThe Wild Fisheries Management Branch of DPIPWE manages fisheries in State marine waters and the Inland Fisheries Service has jurisdiction over freshwater fishing. Links to the relevant fisheries legislation and guidelines for commercial and recreational fishers are below.


Rules and Management Plans

* denotes that these fisheries are managed under a management plan


Research Area Orders

  • Elephant Rock Fisheries (Research Area) Order 2009
  • North Bay Fisheries (Research Area) Order 2009
  • Fisheries (Research Area) Order (No.1) 2009
  • Fisheries (Research Area) Order (No.5) 2008
  • Taroona Waters Fisheries (Research Area) Order 2008
  • Fisheries (Research Area) Order 1996

Fisheries Licensing and Ministerial Guidelines

These are administrative policy guidelines approved by the Minister under section 75 of the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995.

Public Notices

Public notices are used for purposes such as opening and closing seasons, setting total allowable catches and emergency fishery closures.  They are also published in major newspapers in Tasmania. 

To see current DPIPWE fishery public notices go to the Tasmanian Government Public Notices website.

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Wild Fisheries Management Branch
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Phone: 03 6165 3000, 1300 368 550
Email: fishing.enquiries@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

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