Scallop Management Plan Amendments

​​​​​​​​2019-2019 Scallop Rule Amendments

The new Scallop Management Plan (the Fisheries (Scallop) Rules 2020) has now been approved and  comes into effect from 1 January 2020. The new Fisheries (Scallop) Rules 2020 are largely a re-make of the Fisheries (Scallop) Rules 2010.

The scallop rules provide the authority for holders of a fishing licence (scallop) and the holder of recreational scallop licence  to take certain quantities of scallops in Tasmanian waters. Scallop dredge is the method of capture in State waters in the commercial fishery, scallops can be taken recreationally by hand while diving. 



The following changes apply from 1 January 2021

  • Establishing D’Entrecasteaux Channel as a separate management area in the scallop rules.
  • Adopting a more conventional total allowable catch (TAC) setting process for the commercial scallop fishery by utilising
  • theprovisions as outlined in Section 94 of the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995.
  • Allowing a catch overrun to be resolved by paying 1.5 times the beach price for the excess amount of scallops.
  • Determine an exploratory survey period via a notice.
  • Increase the maximum number of units held on a fishing licence scallop from 1,200 to 2,400.
  • Matters concerning commercial scallop dredges:

◾Remove the tipper or cradle from the definition of a scallop dredge.

◾That the holder of a fishing licence (scallop) be able to apply for an endorsement to carry a scallop dredge during a closed season.

◾Allow the holder of a Commonwealth scallop entitlement to deploy a scallop dredge in the immediate proximity of a port for the purpose of maintenance.

◾To increase the maximum size allowed from 4.5m to 5m for a scallop dredge to match that of a dredge used in the Commonwealth scallop fishery.

  • Minimum age and possession of scallops by a child to be 10 years.
  • Other administrative minor matters


Key ​documents 

The Information Paper containing background information on proposed amendments that was released for public comment in November 2019

  Scallop Fishery Amendments Information Paper   (323Kb)

Report on submissions

Submissions on the draft management plan closed for comment on 31 January 2020. Report to the Minister on the proposed new Management Plan for the Tasmanian Scallop Fishery including the outcomes of consultation can be viewed below: 

  Report to the Minister Draft Scallop Management Plan   (601Kb)



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