Rock Lobster Management Plan Amendments


2019 Rock Lobster Rule Amendments

Public comment on proposed amendments to the Rock Lobster Management Plan closed on June 3, 2019.   


The proposed amendments include:
  • Increasing the minimum size limit of female rock lobster from 105mm to 120mm in the North West (recreational and commercial);
  • Increasing the maximum number of pots to be carried and used by a commercial rock lobster vessel from 50 to 60 in waters from Point Sorell west to South Cape; and
  • A number of other minor amendments.

Key documents

Information Paper containing the details of proposed amendments:

  Rock Lobster Information Paper 2019   (620Kb)

The draft legislation:

  Draft Fisheries (Rock Lobster) Amendment Rules   (253Kb)

​How responses to the amendments will be used

Written submissions will be considered by DPIPWE, the Crustacean Fisheries Advisory Committee (CFAC) and the Recreational Fisheries Advisory Committee (RecFAC) after the public consultation period has closed.

DPIPWE will then prepare a report for the Minister on the submissions, including the Fishery Advisory Committees recommendations and DPIPWE’s final recommendations for amendments to the management plan.

This report will be publicly available following the Minister’s consideration. Responses to this paper will be summarised for inclusion in the report to the Minister.

Unless otherwise indicated, submissions will be treated as public information and will be published on this website at the same time as the report to the Minister is published.


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