Marine Plant Fishery Management Plan 2017

No management plan amendments are currently open for public comment. A summary of changes from past marine plant management plan reviews is available below.

Marine Plant Fishery Management Plan 2017

The plan has now been approved and the Fisheries (Marine Plant) Rules 2017, also referred to as the Marine Plant Management Plan, came into effect from 1 September 2017.

The Tasmanian marine plant fishery encompasses the taking of cast kelp, other cast seaweeds and introduced marine plant species including Undaria pinnatifidia.

In 2017, the Minister for Primary Industries and Fisheries directed that a formal management plan be developed for the marine plant fishery.

A draft management plan was released for public comment in March 2017. All submissions were considered in the final preparation of the management plan and addressed in a report to the Minister.

The current Marine Plant Management Plan or the Fisheries (Marine Plant) Rules 2017 are available from the Tasmanian legislation website.

A Marine Plant Policy Document provided a plain language explanation of the marine plant fishery.

Key Documents​

  Marine Plant Policy 2017   (3Mb) - Marine Plant Fishery Policy Document 2017

From the consultation period:

Draft Marine Plant Fishery Management Plan - draft rules for proposed management plan (the Fisheries (Marine Plant) Rules 2015).​​


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