Mackerel Management Plan Amendments

​​No management plan amendments are currently open for public comment. A summary of changes from past Mackerel management plan reviews is available below.

To view information on the Mackerel Fishery including Total Allowable Catches (TACs) set each year, please go to the Mackerel Fishery​ page​.

2018-19 Mackerel Fishery Management Plan Amendments

The Mackerel Management Plan amendments have now been approved and the Fisheries (Mackerel) Rules 2019 came into effect from 20 February 2019.

​The Tasmanian Mackerel Fishery targets jack mackerel, redbait and blue mackerel.

The Mackerel Fishery Management Plan provides the authority for holders of a fishing licence (mackerel A) and a fishing licence (mackerel B) to take certain quantities of mackerel/small pelagic species in Tasmanian waters. Purse seining is the method of capture in State waters. No board trawling of any kind is permitted in any State waters.

Submissions on the draft amendments closed for comment on 14 January 2019. A summary of the written submissions is contained in the following report to the Minister:

   Summary of Public Submissions January 2019   (423Kb)

While some rules were new, many were be rolled over with minimum change, please see the consultation documents below.

Key Documents

  Consultation draft Fisheries (Mackerel) Rules 2018   (468Kb)​

  Background paper on draft Fisheries (Mackerel) Rules 2018   (642Kb)


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