Commercial Dive Management Plan Amendments

​No management plan amendments are currently open for public comment. A summary of changes from past commercial dive management plan reviews is available below.​

2014 Commercial Dive management plan amendments

The Fisheries (Commercial Dive) Amendment Rules 2014 were open for a 30 day public consultation period to determine the views of stakeholders on two issues:

1.  The facility for a licence holder to nominate a supervisor on a fishing licence (commercial dive).  At the moment, it is a user operated licence with no supervisors permitted.  There is also a rule that prevents an entity from owning more than one licence. 

It is now considered by some that allowing a supervisor on a fishing licence (commercial dive) and providing the facility for ownership of multiple commercial dive licences may encourage further investment in the industry. This may be particularly pertinent in relation to the development of the long-spined sea urchin (Centrostephanus) fishery.

2. The facility to allow the holder/supervisor of a commercial dive licence to place fish taken under the authority of another person's fishing licence (commercial dive) on his/her purge site.  It is suggested that this will help improve freight and marketing efficiency as one diver can purchase product from other divers and consistently provide product to established markets.

Stakeholders were invited to make written submissions to the Department which were considered in final amendments to the management plan. Submissions closed in July 2014.


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