Commercial Dive Management Plan Amendments

Draft Commercial Dive Fishery Management Plan open for comment

The commercial dive fishery includes the management of sea urchins of the genus Heliocidaris (short spined) and Centrostephanus (long spined) as well as periwinkles (species Lunella undulata).  A fishing licence (commercial dive) is also needed to take any other species by diving for commercial purposes, except abalone.

The draft management plan for the Tasmanian commercial dive fishery, the Fisheries (Commercial Dive) Rules 2021, has now been released for public comment for 60 days as required by the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995.

The draft plan and a paper explaining the main changes proposed can be downloaded below.  Copies of these documents can also be obtained from the Licensing and Fisheries Monitoring Branch at the DPIPWE offices on the Level 1 of the Lands Building at 134 Macquarie St, Hobart or by emailing or phone 0457 046 561.

Download the Draft Management Plan

  Consultation Draft Commercial Dive Fishery Rules   (528Kb)

Download the Information Paper

  Commercial Dive Proposed Amendments Information Paper   (980Kb)

How to make a submission

You are invited to provide written submissions until midnight Tuesday, 14 September 2021.  

Submissions can be forwarded to:
Post:Commercial Dive Plan (Attn: Greg Ryan)
Wild Fisheries Management Branch, DPIPWE
GPO Box 44
Hand Deliver:Wild Fisheries Management Branch, DPIPWE
Level 3, 134 Macquarie Street

Submissions received will be considered in the final preparation of the management plan and addressed in a report to the Minister. If you have questions relating to the review process, please contact Greg Ryan on 0457 046 561.

Information about submissions

All submissions will be treated as public information and made available on the Department's website.  If you wish for your submission to be treated as confidential, either whole or in part, please note this in writing at the time of making your submission.  No personal information other than the name of individual submitters will be disclosed.


Senior Fisheries Management Officer (Dive Fisheries)
Greg Ryan
Wild Fisheries Management Branch
Level 3, 134 Macquarie Street
GPO Box 44
Hobart TAS 7001
Phone: 0457 046 561

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