Recreational Fishery Advisory Committee

​​​​​​​​​What is the role of RecFAC?​​

​The Recreational Fishery Advisory Committee (RecFAC) provides expert advice to the Minister and the Department on recreational sea fishing management matters including fishery reviews and policy. The RecFAC is one of a number of fishery advisory committees (FACs) established by the Minister for Primary Industries and Water under the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995. Other advisory committees are also established for the commercial fishing industries - abalone, crustacean, scallops and scalefish fisheries. FACs play an essential role by providing the Minister with specialist advice on the management of Tasmania's key fisheries. The committees are made up of representatives from the major fishing sectors as well as community groups and key advisers on resource management policy, compliance and research. The involvement of FACs in developing fisheries policy over the last decade has contributed to better fisheries management.


Most of the members are representatives from the recreational fishing community, plus a member each from DPIPWE, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), Tasmanian Association for Recreational Fishing (TARFish), Tasmanian Conservation Trust (TCT) and the Marine Police. Recreational representatives are fishers or community members who have a capacity to provide strategic input into management, research and educational planning for recreational sea fishing. FAC members are not paid sitting fees. Recreational fisheries members give up their time and provide advice for the good of the fishery.  Members are entitled to travelling allowances to cover the cost of travelling to FAC meetings. The independent Chair is paid a fee in line with government rates. Membership is renewed every 2-3 years.

The current RecFAC members are listed below. 

Independent ChairMax Kitchell
DPIPWE representativeRod Pearn
Principal Fisheries Management Officer (Recreational Fisheries)
Fisheries Research representativeSean Tracey
Marine Police representative Snr Constable Eileen Langford/ Constable Ben Cunningham
Tasmania Police 
Certified Recreational Fishing Body
Community and Conservation
Jon Bryan
Tasmanian Conservation Trust

Recreational fisheries representatives

Stephen Scott, Naomi Balon, Dianne Andoni, Emilie Donovan, Sunny Jang, Nepelle Crane, India Thompson, Andrew Hart, Richard Sherriff, James Cartwright, Martin Wells, Adrian Hales


There are generally around four RecFAC meetings each year depending on the work schedule and current issues.  Meetings are held at various locations around the state and are over a full day. The operation of the RecFAC and the conduct of RecFAC members during meetings is guided by Fishery Advisory Committees Establishment and Procedures. This document covers a range of issues including conflicts of interest, confidentiality, interactions with the media and standard procedural matters. The meetings are chaired by an independent Chair. The Chair is responsible for the orderly conduct of meetings and encourage members to work co-operatively to achieve a consensus view rather than using a majority voting approach. In circumstances where consensus is not achievable, the Chair seeks the views of all members and provides these to the Minister. Meeting summaries, action items and recommendations and are recorded for each meeting. The Chair provides a report to the Minister summarising the key discussion points and outcomes of the meeting.  RecFAC recommendations are forwarded to the Minister after each meeting.

Raising topics for consideration

Ideally topics should be raised with the Department first, as many issues may be resolved as a matter of general business by the Department. Some topics may also be out of scope and the matter may be directed towards the appropriate organisation.
If you have a specific issue you would like the FAC to be aware of, please contact the RecFAC Executive Officer. In order to progress the issue, background information may need to be provided to the Executive Officer at least three weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date.

RecFAC Executive Officer
Vicki Waters
Ph: 03 6165 3047

RecFAC Meeting Agendas and Minutes

RecFAC Agendas and Meeting Summaries prior to 2019 may be available on request.



Principal Fisheries Management Officer (Recreational Fisheries)
Rod Pearn
1 Franklin Wharf
Hobart TAS 7000
Phone: 03 6165 3034

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