Crustacean Fisheries Advisory Committee (CFAC)

What is the role of CFAC?

The main role of the Crustacean Fisheries Advisory Committee (CFAC) is to provide advice to the Minister on issues related to the commercial rock lobster and giant crab fisheries. Legislation states that the Minister must consult with the relevant advisory committee prior to making a determination on key arrangements such as size limits, seasonal closures, gear restrictions and Total Allowable Catch. In practice, the role and work of the CFAC is much broader than this.

The CFAC is an essential part of the co-management framework of the rock lobster and giant crab fisheries, acting as a conduit between industry and the Department. The CFAC process provides a forum for industry members and the Department to raise matters of interest to the fishery that may not necessarily be of concern at the Ministerial level.

Some of the key issues that the CFAC plays an active role in are:
  • Advice on research needs and priorities;
  • Advice on the IMAS Fishery Assessments and stock monitoring;
  • Advice during formal reviews of the management plan;
  • Development of management responses to issues; and
  • Advice on the setting of the Total Allowable Catch.
There is also an expectation that CFAC members will be available to, and will engage with other industry and community members to communicate the issues of the fishery.


There are generally four CFAC meetings each year, depending on the work schedule and current issues. Most meetings are held in Hobart over two days. From time to time meetings may be held in other locations to provide an opportunity for wider industry to meet committee members and get involved in the committee process.

The operation of the CFAC and the conduct of FAC members during meetings is guided by the terms of reference for fishery advisory committees. The terms of reference cover a range of issues including conflicts of interest, confidentiality, interactions with the media and standard procedural matters. Information on FAC procedures are contained in the Terms of Reference document below:

  Terms of Reference for Fishery Advisory Committees   (96Kb)

The CFAC aims to work co-operatively to achieve a consensus view rather than using a majority voting approach, however there may be occasions where this is not possible. In those circumstances the Chair will seek all views of members and these will be forwarded to the Minister for consideration.

Minutes are taken for each meeting and all recommendations and action items are recorded. The Chair also provides the Minister with his/her own summary of the meeting proceedings. All of the Minister's decisions are communicated through the Department and back to CFAC members at the appropriate time.

CFAC meetings are not generally open for casual observers, however, the FAC may hold an open session prior to a meeting or alternatively the Chair may invite people to attend a specific agenda item where appropriate.


The table below lists the current membership of the Crustacean Fishery Advisory Committee. The current committee was formed in May 2017 and the positions are due to expire in April 2019.
Independent Chair Mr Ian Cartwright
Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishermens Association (TRLFA) nominations​Mr Clive Perryman
Mrs Dawn Jordan
Mr Darrell Grey
Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishermens Association (TRLFA) Chief Executive OfficerMr John Sansom
Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council (TSIC) representativeMr Julian Harrington
Community and conservation representative - from the Tasmanian Conservation Trust (TCT)Mr Jon Bryan
Rock lobster industry representatives (who are not on the TRLFA Board)​Mr Brian Adkins
Mrs Louise Hart
Mr Brian Franklin
​Giant crab industry representative
​Mr David Ponsford
​Processor representatives
​Mr Michael Blake
Mr Mark Massara
Scientific Researcher representative (IMAS)Dr Klaas Hartman
Tasmania Police (Marine and Rescue)Const Craig Crawford
DPIPWE fisheries compliance and licensing manager​TBC
DPIPWE Rock Lobster Fishery Manager​Mrs Hilary Revill
DPIPWE CFAC Executive Officer​Mr James Parkinson

Meeting Dates


Meetings likely to be scheduled in August and November (TBC). 


Meeting number 75 - 8 November 2016. 

Meeting number 74 - 25 October 2016.

Meeting number 73 - 18 August 2016.

Meeting number 72 - 1 March 2016.



Meeting number 71 - 5 November 2015. 

Meeting number 70 - 8 September 2015.

Meeting number 69 - 28 May 2015.

Meeting number 68 - 12 March 2015.

Information relating to meetings in 2015 and 2016 is available on request.

Contact CFAC

If you have a specific issue you would like the FAC to be aware of please contact an industry member or the CFAC Executive Officer to arrange for your issue to be tabled for discussion.  If you have an issue that you would like raised at a CFAC meeting please provide details to the CFAC Executive Office three weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date.  Industry members can contact the TRLFA Chief Executive Officer if you need assistance drafting a paper for a CFAC meeting.


Principal Fisheries Management Officer (Crustaceans)
Hilary Revill
1 Franklin Wharf
Phone: 03 6165 3036

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