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The For a Better Fishing Future Survey is calling on Tasmanians of all ages to put forward their views about the future of recreational sea fishing in our state. 

The survey is the first step in developing a 10 year strategy to shape the state's fishing future. It covers topics including:
  • Access to fish stocks, gear and fishing areas;
  • The social and economic value of recreational fishing to the community;
  • Policing and fishing rules;
  • Facilities like jetties, fish cleaning stations and toilets;
  • Educating the community and learn-to-fish programs;
  • Fisheries research priorities for the future; and
  • New ideas to improve recreational fishing.

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The survey is open until midnight on Sunday 19 July 2020. Tasmanians of all ages, whether active fishers or not are encouraged to complete it.​

The results from the survey will help form a discussion paper and a second questionnaire which will be released in August. 



The key dates in the Strategy are outlined below.


Latest news

Strategy update

  • The For a Better Fishing Future Survey is live between 28 June - 19 July.
  • The Steering Committee has finalised the Terms of Reference (see below).
  • Key stakeholders have identified potential topics to be included in the Strategy. These include fishing access, management, infrastructure, fisheries health, research needs, fisher education, compliance and future opportunities.
  • The project officer and IMAS are looking at ways recreational fisheries are managed around Australia and worldwide, including how its social and economic value can be better considered.

When can I have my say?

  • Anyone can have input to the Strategy at any time using the contact details below.
  • The public can have their say during the June/July survey by telling us what our future priorities should be.
  • In August 2020, we will release a discussion paper and second​ questionnaire. By completing this questionnaire, the public can tell us what actions should be undertaken to pursue future priorities. 
  • Stakeholder workshops to discuss issues and contribute to the Strategy will be held in October and November 2020.
  • A draft Strategy document will be released for public review in February 2021.
  • The final Strategy document will be released in July 2021.

Everyone will have the opportunity to contribute to this process as it unfolds. 

If you would have a question about the Strategy, please email us on

Why is a Strategy necessary?

DPIPWE are developing a 10-year recreational fishing strategy to more clearly delineate the vision and guidelines for Tasmania’s marine fisheries.

The Strategy will provide an ambitious, inclusive and forward-looking approach to fisheries management that will be guided by clear objectives and targets.

While stock sustainability remains the main objective guiding the management of all Tasmania’s fisheries, other objectives include the following:
  • further engagement of recreational fishers in decision-making processes;
  • greater promotion of resource stewardship among recreational fishers;
  • more clarity in how the recreational sector intersects with other resource users including commercial fishers;
  • improved fisheries education and awareness;
  • better understanding of recreational fishers including their motivations, needs and activity constraints;
  • improved recognition of economic contributions and social benefits derived from recreational fishing in management decisions;
  • better anticipation of management needs due to changes in fisheries and the fishing population;
  • greater opportunities for citizen science and other means of engaging fishers in providing information to help manage fisheries; and
  • more attention to fishing infrastructure needs.

What is the process?

The Strategy represents a great opportunity for Tasmanians to be involved in forging a blueprint to address challenges and opportunities facing our marine recreational fisheries – now and in the future.
DPIPWE has been engaging directly with key stakeholders to get a better understanding of issues affecting recreational fishers and other resource users. As the issues becomes clearer, we will consider means to address them within the scope of the Strategy. This will form the basis of a discussion paper to be released in August 2020, together with a questionnaire to capture the views of the entire community.

Responses to the questionnaire will inform the development of a draft Strategy which will be released for public consultation in February 2021. The public will have five weeks to comment before further changes are made.

How will the Strategy be managed?

A Steering Committee will oversee the project, review milestones and advise on policy considerations. The committee comprises members from DPIPWE, TARFish, IMAS and the recreational fishing community.

A Working Group will provide day to day input, undertake key activities and provide support for the Project Manager.
Expert input will be sought when required by assembling reference groups.

What will the Strategy include?

  • Current and future recreational sea fishing activities.
  • All saltwater recreational fishing in Tasmania.
  • Marine and estuarine fishing connections to freshwater fishing where there are collaborative opportunities with the Inland Fisheries Service.
  • Recreational fishing infrastructure.
  • Ways in which decisions about recreational fishing are made.
  • Recreational fishers' access to fish stocks.
  • Policing and monitoring.
  • Relations between the recreational, commercial and Indigenous sectors.
  • Any other matters considered relevant and in accordance with relevant laws and policies.


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