North Coast Calamari Closure

​​​​​​2020 Closure

The commercial and recreational southern calamari and squid fisheries will be closed on Tasmania's north coast (see map) from Thursday, 1 October 2020 to Saturday, 31 October 2020 inclusive to protect spawning calamari.

North West calamari closure area

North Coast spawning calamari and squid closure area

M​ore information and area boundary information for the north and east coast closures.

What is prohibited during the closure?

During the closure period, taking or possessing calamari and other squid species is prohibited in the closed areas. 

Transiting the closed areas in possession of squid species is not permitted unless the person in possession of Gould’s squid is the holder of a Commonwealth authority or a Tasmanian fishing licence (automatic squid jig) and had taken those fish under that authority.

Any squid and calamari caught prior to the closure periods and for example, stored in a freezer, is not affected.

North Coast closure

  • All squid species and southern calamari are included in the north coast closure.
  • Commercially purchased bait can be used. Squid or squid parts taken prior to the closure, or outside the closure area may not be possessed in the closure area.
  • You cannot possess a squid jig attached to a fishing line during the closure.

East Coast closure

  • An established long term season closure has existed in upper south east coast waters including Great Oyster Bay and Mercury Passage.  No changes have been made to this closure.
  • All squid species and southern calamari including frozen bait are included in the east coast closure.

Why are the closures needed?

A significant increase in southern calamari catch levels in the north of the state by both sectors in combination with the stock assessment outcome has seen this management measure continued. ​​This species was assessed as depleting in the most recent Tasmanian Scalefish Fishery Assessment 2018/19​. The closure is a precautionary measure to restrain catch and limit disturbance at a key period for this increasingly popular species.

The spawning closure ensures that calamari won't be targeted when they are at their most vulnerable and some protection is provided during peak spawning activity to help maintain stocks into the future. The closure applies to all squid species for effective compliance purposes.

Data from the north coast calamari re​search project conducted by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies indicates that the north coast area contains potentially significant breeding sites where calamari congregate in large numbers. This research continues and new information will inform potential future spawning closures.


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