Salmon Farming Data Portal

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Tasmanian Government supports the Tasmanian Salmon Industry in a regulatory role. As part of that job we collect data which is shared with you here​.​
Marine Farming Development Plans​ (MFDP) identify suitable areas for marine farming. MFDPs are created by Government following a planning process that includes a community consultation process. The information on this website is presented to you by MFDP. Data collected from each salmon company that farms in that MFDP is presented.
Data has been reported for the main finfish producers Tassal, Huon and Petuna noting that each of these companies has associated consolidated entities along with sublease agreements with other entities.​

The Department is working with the industry about providing further relevant information.

In this Topic

  • D'Entrecasteaux Channel
    The area covered by this Plan covers the stretch of water between Bruny Island and the mainland of Tasmania, running north south in orientation for approximately 50 km. To the north the Channel adjoins the Derwent Estuary and to the south the Southern Ocean.
  • Great Oyster Bay and Mercury Passage
    The area covered by this Plan is on the east coast of Tasmania. It is bounded to the south by a line drawn between Cape Bernier and Cape Peron on Maria Island. The eastern boundary extends between Mistaken Cape on Maria Island and Cape Sonnerat on Schouten Island through to Cape Degerando on Freycinet Peninsula. The northern and western boundaries are the land to the north of Great Oyster Bay and the east coast.
  • Huon River and Port Esperance
    The area covered by this Plan consists of all that area bounded by the high water mark between: to the north, a line drawn from Shipwrights Point due east to the eastern coastline of the Huon River; to the south-east, a line drawn from Ninepin Point to Scott Point.
  • Macquarie Harbour
    The area covered by this Plan is the harbour outside the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and consists of all that area between a line drawn from Coal Head and Steadman Point across the harbour to the south-east and the entrance to the harbour to the west at a line drawn between Braddon Point through Bonnet Island Light to the western shore.
  • Storm Bay off Trumpeter Bay North Bruny Island
    The area covered by this Plan is five distinct and separate areas of water to the east of Bruny Island in Storm Bay.
  • Tamar Estuary
    The area covered by this Plan is all that area of waters upstream from the northern most point of West Head extending east to the northern most point of Low Head.
  • Tasman Peninsula and Norfolk Bay
    The area covered by this Plan is all that area within: Norfolk Bay bounded by the Forestier Peninsula and the Tasman Peninsula with the western boundary represented by a line drawn between Green Head and Primrose Point; Wedge Bay including Parsons Bay bounded by the Tasman Peninsula to the east and a line from Low Point extending to Lory Point; and all that area to the north of a line drawn between West Arthur Head and Budget Head which includes Port Arthur and Long Bay bounded by the Tasman Peninsula.