Responsible Gillnetting Practices

If you use a gillnet, be responsible for your actions. Most importantly, know and follow the netting rules.

Net buoy line preparation
Before Leaving Home
  • Always check the weather conditions and tides.
  • Check the length of the buoy lines and the general condition of the net. Too much line creates a hazard to wildlife and other boats.
  • The weight bridle should be the weakest line in the net, so if the weight becomes snagged, the net can still be recovered.
  • Free the working area of the boat from equipment so the net will run out smoothly.
Choose Your Site
  • Think what your target species is. When and where you set the net makes a difference to the fish you catch.
  • Observe the currents and avoid setting your net across fast flowing water.
  • Don't set your net near swimmers or divers or across boating channels.
  • Be aware of other net users and leave at least 50 metres between nets.
  • Identify a landmark or use a GPS when setting your net so you don't forget where it is.
Setting and Pulling the Net
  • Be confident that the tides and weather will allow you to safely retrieve the net.
  • Check your net regularly to increase the survival of unwanted bycatch.
  • Ensure the propeller is clear of any slack net or ropes.
  • If you have seabirds in the net, work on releasing live birds first by pulling that section of the net into the boat.
Avoid Wildlife When Netting
  • Find out about local wildlife and nesting sites from the Parks and Wildlife Service before setting your net.
  • Avoid setting nets where seabirds or mammals are active such as rookeries.
  • Visible panels on nets are seen by seabirds so mark your net in as many places as practical.
  • Monitor nets as birds may be rescued if they are seen early enough.
  • Don't set your net in rough weather conditions. Lost gillnets can continue to "ghost net" in the marine environment.


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